Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

In the spring of 2000, seven women, not satisfied with the existing opportunities available to enhance their personal growth and to contribute to the campus and community through Asian-awareness and service, brought Kappa Phi Lambda to Cornell University. Through their dedication and hard work, these remarkable women established a cultural sorority with a vision of a united sisterhood fostering leadership and academic excellence. Their legacy continues with the following generations of sisters as they continue their philanthropic efforts, hoping to inspire the community to help make a difference. We fundraise for charitable foundations such as the Woman’s Advocacy Center so that they may continue providing free services, support, and educational programs for women and children who have encountered sexual abuse and harassment, abusive relationships or domestic violence. Every year, Kappa Phi Lambda brings to campus a variety of events that raises awareness and addresses issues concerning Asian culture and women by way of workshops, guest speakers, and discussion panels. Meanwhile, we recognize those on campus who share common values and goals through collaboration with their organizations and support of their events. Each sister sacrifices hours of her time to help better the environment around her by participating in community service. In the past, we’ve combined efforts with volunteer organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and On-site Volunteers so that we can create a larger and lasting impact on our community.

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Greetings from the Iota Chapter of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. at Cornell University! Our Asian-interest organization was founded in 1995 on the pillars of sisterhood, service and cultural diversity. Our organization is comprised of a diverse group of young women who share similar experiences through their college years and beyond. It is a network of intelligent young women aspiring in various fields and is a resource center filled with endless opportunities upon graduation. To us, sisters of the Iota Chapter, Kappa Phi Lambda is the invisible bond supporting individuals through life challenges and self-discovery. It is a house built on friendship, respect, and a shared vision.

What I personally love about Kappas is our diversity. Not just diversity in ethnicity, but all the different cultural backgrounds, world perspectives, career ambitions, or even how each of us like to have fun. This is brought forth by sisters who are empowered to voice their opinions and tell their own stories. I myself have had enjoyed this open environment to broaden my view of the world. I believe all of this has helped myself to thrive and develop into a confident young woman with no inhibition.

As President of this sorority, I encourage you to learn more about our wonderful organization and the values that we stand for. Navigate through our website, like our Facebook page, visit our Youtube page. I hope I have sparked in you a flame of curiosity that may grow into a love that myself and all my sisters share for Kappas.

Thank you for taking the time to discover Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. Please feel free to reach out to myself if you have any questions.

Morena Rong


cornell.kpl.president@gmail.com | cornellkpl.org | kappaphilambda.org