MALIK Fraternity, Inc.

MALIK Fraternity, Incorporated was founded on May 13th, 1977 by 15 revolutionary young men--sons of Black Panthers and Young Lords--attending the C.W. Post campus of Long Island University in the midst of the Civil Rights Era.  The sociopolitical climate of this era and cultural pride in Africa gave rise to MALIK and its principles of African Fraternalism which recognizes Africa as the cradle of humanity and the origin of Fraternalism.  We, the brothers of MALIK Fraternity, Incorporated, seek to impart knowledge and educate the public about the interconnectedness of peoples of African ancestry and the understanding that the emancipation, development, and prosperity of African, Afro-Latino, and Afro-Indigenous peoples everywhere can only be achieved by an appeal to the African sense of "wholeness".  The Cornell Village of MALIK Fraternity, Incorporated was founded on April 25th, 2017 on basis of promoting socially responsible activism, advocacy, and programmatic endeavors that benefit the Cornell community, through educational, political, and spiritual development.

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I would first like to welcome you to our page on behalf of the brothers of MALIK Fraternity Inc.

The mission of the Cornell Village is to impart understanding onto members. It begins with the knowledge of African continental and cultural history, ranging from the history of the African Diaspora to fraternal literature, publications, and special study materials, in order to help them understand their role and responsibilities as men of African ancestry.   MALIK is purposed with reclaiming the stolen legacy of our African ancestry.  For 40 years, MALIK has fought to bridge the gap between those who identify with the African diaspora, and was proud to bring the brotherhood to the Cornell Village.

Within the brotherhood, the MALIK Fraternity, Inc. subscribes to a set of beliefs and principles that have been codified and defined as "African Fraternalism." The title MALIK, being a Swahili word meaning “King or Ruler”, embodies this spirit. African Fraternalism includes such beliefs as the African origin of civilization, reclaiming the stolen legacy of African knowledge, the oneness of all African peoples, the importance of ritual and initiation, the value of a male ritual kinship system, respect for women, the reception and cultivation of the Spirit of Learning, the necessity of serving the community, the calling to work on one's personal and spiritual development, and the study and promotion of' "Malikology," and the usage of "African Symbology."

Thank you for taking time to visit our page and learn more about the values that MALIK and our Village holds.


Nathaniel Pineda

Cornell Village President  |  |